I Cant Afford Extremely Needed Braces, Any Suggestions?

Im 16 and have needed braces since 7th grade, and unlike most teenagers i WISH i had them.My parents could never afford them.When i turned 16 i was so excited(not becuse i was getting a party or a car but becuse i could start working).But could nenver find a job. It honestly KILLS me,i have no self esteem or confidence what so ever i avoid talking and laughing.Ive ripped up every picture i have of myself.Ive had someone tell me i have teeth like a dog,and cried for a week.What can i do?

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There are some foundations that can help...

From your picture, I can see why you feel you need braces.  You know not everyone who gets them REALLY needs them.  You do! 

Since it sounds like your parents are unable to help you out and you are kind of on your own, here are some suggestions. First of all most orthodontists are nice guys (or gals) and do some pro bono (free or reduced fee ttreatment for a few cases a year) to people who really need help - both from an appearance standpoint and financialy.  Obviously it is uncomfortable or wierd just to call up doctors on the phone and ask them.  You may be able to ask your dentist if they know anyone who would consider helping you out and if they would contact them on your behalf.  It is important to be sure you are in good dental health before seeking an orthodotnic evaluation.

I would also check with a dental school that has an orthodontic department if there is one near you.  It looks like you are in Michigan and I think there is one in Ann Arbor and maybe one in Detroit. I don't know if you are close to either of those.  They will often do treatment at a large discount since it is a learning situtation and you are a really cool case!

Also there are two foundations that you can contact.  They pre-screen patients who need financial help with orthodontics.  As long as you and your parents meet the criteria and there is a participating doctor nearby it can work well.

Smiles Change Lives  (816) 421-4949.  The other is Smiles for a Lifetime, but I don't see a phone number online. 

Good luck with everything. 

Dr. Depew

Atlanta Orthodontist
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