Will Previous Jaw Reconstruction Affect Affirm Laser Procedure?

I'm scheduled for Affirm laser treatment, have had my jaw reconstructed ten years ago. Will the titanium screws and hardware in my jaw bones be affected or cause me extra pain during procedure?


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Laser and the mandible

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It is unlikely thtat the Affirm laser will have any effect whatsover on the underlying bone or reconstrucitive plates. For all intents and purposes, the mandible is a distinctly different structure when it comes down to laser treatments and should be unaffected by treatment of the overlying skin

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Potential effect of Affirm Laser on Jaw Reconstruction with Titanium plates and Screws

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The Affirm laser claims to shrink skin by heating it at two distinct levels with separates wavelengths. The heated collagen fibers shrink thereby producing a tighter skin. since the bone and the titanium screws and plates are MUCH deeper than the skin layers heated by the laser there should be NO effects by the laser on the bone or vice versa.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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