Affirm Laser - How Much Should Treatment Cost ?

I had a consultation regarding my Crepey Neck, and was told that Affirm Laser treatment would be best. Each session would cost $1,500.00, and it would take five to six sessions before my neck would get "better." I'm really confused because that's both a lot of money and time, and especially because I was told that it doesn't work equally for everyone. Frankly, $6,500.00 seems excessive.

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Affirm Laser treatment for neck tightening

I agree that the 5-6 treatment sessions at $1500 each is excessive and the results will be variable, meaning not guaranteed to make you a lot better.  So, the best thing to do is weigh the possible benefits for the cost.  If you really have much loose skin then you likely need surgery, meaning a lower face and neck lift.  That will give you the tightening you desire and should last 5-10 years if done well.  It will be more expensive but will likely make you happy, which is always the goal!

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