Affirm CO2 Laser Vs. Fraxel Laser

I am 41 yr old female with some hyperpigmentation, and looking for a tighter more refreshed look. It seems the doctors that have fraxel say fraxel is the best in the lasers. The doctors that have affirm co2 say its basically the same without the brand "fraxel."

What are the differences between the two and which do you think is better?

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Affirm CO2 Laser Compared to Fraxel repair Laser

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Hi Alph,

I have a great deal of experience with Fraxel lasers, none with Affirm. Most of the original and continuing research/medical journal articles have been performed with either Solta's Fraxel and to a lesser extent Lumenis' Total FX. Fraxel and Total FX were the first fractionated CO2 lasers on the market. It is not surprising to hear that physicians feel that "their laser" is the best.

Fraxel is the only CO2 laser with a roller application, all others have a stamping application or free hand spraying. The roller application increases the liklihood of uniform application of the laser. It is also among the fastest of the CO2 lasers.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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