Safe to Use Affirm Co2 Fractional a Second Time on Face?

I had Affirm co2 laser done to my entire face (excluding eye area) in April this year. I was told they could not do my eye area. Since then, the clinic has gotten a new Affirm Co2 laser machine which can laser the eye area. I'd like to have my eye area done to help with wrinkles & tightening. The doctor says to get an all over even look to my face he would want to target my eye area aggresively, and again laser my face ...but on a lower setting. Is this safe to laser my face again so soon?

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Affirm CO2 laser second time?

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Absolutely yes, it is safe to have another fractional CO2 laser treatment on your face.  I do about 200 treatments a year, and about 25% are second treatments.  I've even done a third treatment on a patient with acne scarring to try to get really good results.  I use it on eyelids also with very good results and no problems in many cases.  Hope that helps!

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