What Will Affect the Results of a Nose Job?

Hi I wanted to know what will affect the results of a nose job... Will high blood pressure or accidentaly sneezing through nose affect the results or will it just cause temporary swelling? Thanks

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What will affect the results of a nose job

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It is important to make sure that blood pressure is under control prior to having elective cosmetic rhinoplasty.  It is also important to not have a severe nose bleed due to hypertension in the immediate postoperative phase as nasal packing would then be used to stop the nose bleed.  Accidentally sneezing through the nose will not affect the shape of the nose at all. However, it is also important to make sure allergies are under control to discourage extended swelling in the nose due to an allergic reaction.  Patients must be off aspirin and blood thinners for two weeks prior to surgery and two weeks post-op to prevent a nosebleed and should not play in contact sports for the first month after the rhinoplasty to prevent a nasal injury in the healing phase.

Nose Job Results Being Altered

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John, you would certainly want to keep your blood pressure in the normal range as much as possible. You should also open your mouth with sneezing to divert this type of air from going through your nose as it heals. These precautions should be taken for at least the first few weeks following rhinoplasty surgery. 

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