Is the Aerolase Lightpod Neo Any Good?

I am scheduled for treatment for photorejuvenation using Aerolase Lightpod Neo. Is this machine effective?

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Best for hair reduction and treatment of small blood vessels

Dear John

The laser you are referring to is a yag laser. It is best for small blood vessels and can be used for hair reduction. There is some overlap with the absorption spectrum for melanin so there is some melanin clearance. Putting this together the machine should product Fotofacial-like results.

However, I continue to be impressed with the effectiveness of the Fotofacial treatment produced with an intense pulse light machine. This is not a laser but produces a broader spectrum of filtered intense light. Consequently, I think it does a better job clearing more things in the face than the single frequency lasers.

Again, happiness is sometimes defined by the value proposition and if you are not being charged a lot for the service and are realistic about the amount of improvement you are likely to get (modest) then you should be happy with the aerolase treatment.

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