Best Cream to Prevent Areolar Scarring?

What is the best scar cream or gel to use post breast augmentation to prevent aereolar scarring?

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Scar Cream

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The product that I recommend the most often is Kelo-cote. Scar Guard has also worked well in the past. I have not had any luck with Maderma .

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Best Breast Scar Treatments for the Areola

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  • For my patients who may be prone to more visible scars, I often recommend a silicone scar sheet.  Oleeva is a brand that I really like- they make a scar pad shaped like breast reduction scars.
  • The areola part can be used alone.  THey also make a smaller individual scar pad you could use.  The pads provide more flattening pressure than gels. They area reusable for up to 2 or more weeks before they loose their stick. 
  • Using the pads for up to 2 months can really help.  As far as gels or creams- they are all about the same. 

Good luck with your healing!

Dr. Suzman

Scar Management Following Breast Surgery

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#Scar maturation products such as BioCorneum or Embrace, to name a few, may be helpful. But, it's best you wait a few weeks following your surgery, to begin using them and speak to your surgeon about healing concerns.

Scar Treatment

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Thank you for your question - it is one that we frequently hear from our patients after a procedure. Once your incisions are fully healed, I recommend BioCorneum scar therapy.

Proactive scar management

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Every person heals differently and will improve over the next 3 to 6 months.  If your scars have widened then you may want to consider a scar revision.    Some patients require up to one year to fully mature.  A nice scar starts in the operation room. The incision must be placed in the right position, sutured keeping the tension off of the skin itself.  Also it has been show that keeping the incision taped for the first three weeks keeps some of the early tension off of the scar.  Then from the end of the third week to the end of the third month it helps to use a topical product with silicone.

Post-op Scar Reduction

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I feel that the best products available for scar improvement or reduction are those which contain silicone.  There are several of these on the market.  They generally are available in adherent strips and gels.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Topical gels to decrease the appearance of scars

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There are several scar gels available to diminish the appearance of scars. The active ingredient to look for is silicone. This can also be used in a tape or sheet form of silicone which can be applied to the scar. Also some topical gels such as Hybrisil or Biocorneum (formerly Kelo-cote) are very good at controlling scars. These can be found at your local plastic surgeon or dermatologist's office.

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There is no cream that will "prevent scarring". Some creams will help reduce the appearance of scars.  To my best knowledge, silicone based products tend to work best (scientifically shown).  You should consult with your doctor to see what is the best option for you.

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