I'm after a D cup. Is 325cc too small? (Photo)

My surgeon has said 250 - 300cc mentor, under the muscle with a lollipop lift - high profile round, textured...I worried that's too small and am thinking 325...but now I'm thinking 350cc, I'm hoping for a D cup and am current 32b/c I'm really scared that I will be disappointed but I do fitness everyday and don't want to be hindered but don't want to fit back in to the same bras once the swelling is down...please help I'm going round and round

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Implant size with breast lift

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Thank you for your question.

Choosing a particular size of a breast implant should be based on many factors. The majority of the decision should be based on your body characteristics including the width of your chest wall, the thickness of your breast tissue, and the elastic properties in your skin/soft tissue. Once each of those factors has been accounted for, there will be a certain range of implant sizes that can be considered safe. Meaning, your specific body type would accommodate a particular range of implants sizes while minimizing complications that are related to large implants (malposition, thinning of soft tissue, palpability, visible rippling, etc.).

Since you will likely be undergoing a breast lift at the same time as your augmentation, you must be mindful of the opposing forces between a breast lift and an augmentation. The breast lift is aimed at elevating the nipple into a more youthful position, shaping the breast, and tightening the skin envelope. The augmentation will actually counteract that by adding more volume and stretch to the skin. If you choose an implant that is too large, you could predispose yourself to having a higher likelihood of complications associated with breast lift procedures like wound healing complications and nipple loss.

Having a goal for a particular cup size is challenging due to the lack of consistency of cup sizes amongst different types of bras. I recommend determining your end point by how happy you are with your appearance in and out of clothing as opposed to asking yourself, "Do I fit in this particular bra now?" You'll have a much higher likelihood of satisfaction if you can shift your focus and frame of mind toward this end.

Prior to proceeding with your operation, you should meet with you surgeon again and discuss your concerns regarding implant selection. Each of you should listen to each other to make sure the entire team is on the same page.

Best of luck!

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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I'm after a D cup. Is 325cc too small?

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Thank you for your question..  It is very important that your breast implant size be determined by a base with measurement of your breast.  Your surgeon should measure the width of your breast underneath the breast fold  and use that measurement to choose the size of your implant.  If you want to go larger than a moderate plus profile higher profile breast implants have a narrower base but larger volume as possible.  Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon and be comfortable with the size plan before you have surgery.

  Very generally it takes 150-200 cc of breast implant to increase you by1 cup size in the same style and manufacture of bra that you currently wear.

You can also do the Rice test at home which is described in the article on breast implant sizing below:

Implant sizing

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Thank you for your question, and this is a common dilemma for women interested in cosmetic breast surgery. First, it is simply impossible to exactly predict your final cup size because there are SO many factors that go into that very abstract measurement. The key is that you are happy with the look and feel. When a mastopexy (breast lift) is performed, studies tend to show that process will decrease the breast cup size by 1/2 to 1 whole letter. So, you have to plan on that too. Your measurements will help determine the best implant size, but it would seem like you could handle 300-325cc very well. I'd check one more time w/ your surgeon before surgery. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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