Is It Worth It To Gain Additional Weight for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I've already went from 127 lbs to 140 lbs in 4months just for the procedure, but i've heard it won't be "more effective". Is this true? Why or why not? Any facts regarding this would be ideal. I still have another 3 months to turn my workouts back to heavy cardio...anyway I'm confused....I just wanna make sure this tummy tuck & Brazilian butt lift will be worth the weight gain & everything else that goes with it.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Weight gain is helpful provided the fat you gained is external and accessible for harvesting.  See your BCPS for advice on how much is enough. Thank you for your question and good luck.

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Gaining weight prior to Brazilian butt lift


Gaining weight before a Brazilian butt augmentation depends on your body shape prior to surgery and the body shape that you desire after surgery.  If you certainly want to have  significant results, then, I always recommend my patients to gain weight prior to surgery. In general, you need to be at least 20 lbs. heavier than your ideal weight for this procedure to be successful and to have enough fat to increase and reshape your buttocks and hips. The key is to not only create a nicer behind but also a curvier profile with a nicer waist to hip ratio.

If you don’t have enough fat, then, you will not be a good candidate for surgery and you will waste your money.  Gaining weight prior to surgery is something acceptable in the plastic surgery community. It is better to have more fat than you need during the procedure than finding, once you are asleep, that there is not enough fat. This will be a REAL PROBLEM!!!

Wilberto Cortes, MD
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Brazilian butt lift and preop weight gain

Weight gain is the wrong thing to do before the Brazilian butt lift! Fat cells don't replicate when you gain weight each cell gets larger and when you lose weight each cell gets smaller but you don't get more cells. This is the reason why a weight gain does not help the Brazilian butt lift.

If you gain weight before the surgery you'll transfer the same number of fat cells you would have if you didn't gain weight. The only difference is you will be transferring bigger cells. The problem is after your surgery and you start to exercise and you lose weight those cells will shrink and to be the same size they would've been anyway.

You don't have to be heavy in order to have a change from the liposuction fat injection. The liposuction plays a greater role in making the curve in making the hips look better than the fat injection. The liposuction is a cake and a fat injection is icing. When you create a waist that is narrower than the hips you have curves. With the fat injection does is make a square buttocks into a circular buttocks.

From your question it seems like you doing abdominoplasty and Brazilian butt lift at the same time. In my opinion you get a better result if you do the procedure separately. If you do the Brazilian butt lift 1st all the fat cells from the abdomen can be used to put in the buttocks so you get a bigger change the buttocks. The other problem with doing the proceeds the same time is that you have no way to sleep. To get the best result from the Brazilian butt lift you need to sleep on your stomach and stay off of the buttocks and the sides if that's put the sides. You can't do this if you have a tummy tuck at the same time so you can't get your best results by doing a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift at the same time.

The last problem with gaining weight before the surgery is that when you gain weight and the doctor does liposuction to try to get each area flat and smooth when you lose all this weight after surgery those areas may be over suction and may not be smooth. I always tell my patients to eat and exercise before the surgery the way they plan to after the surgery that way my results are permanent and don't change because of a patient's weight change.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Gaining Weight For Your Procedure

If a patient does not have enough fat for the procedure or fat that is considered “usable” fat, then I will recommend for a patient to gain weight. To ensure you are gaining weight in the right areas (which are the areas the surgeon plans to liposuction your fat cells), have a post-consult visit with your surgeon in order to determine that you are on the right track to having surgery. By gaining the weight, you are allowing your surgeon to have enough fat to contour the areas being liposuctioned, and the buttock area being injected with the fat.

Do make sure the surgeon you are consulting with is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in body contouring procedures. Also make sure this procedure is common in their practice by checking with their staff, looking online for before and after photos and reading reviews. These are all essential as this procedure requires the use of live fat cells, and if they are not properly liposuctioned and damaged, you may end up with transient augmentation since after those damaged fat cells die they will no longer give you the results you opted for. For more information on this procedure, take a look at the link below.

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Brazilan Butt Lift

It all depend on where you put the gained fat. If the gained weight and the fat is accesable to liposuction and harvesting in enough volume then you are ready for a brazilian butt lift. It also depend on how big you want to be.

pictures will help. Seek the advise of a plastic surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
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Weight gain for BBL. Is it necessary?

A Brazilian butt lift is reshaping the buttocks with fat grafts to increase posterior projection and add roundness to the buttocks. The procedure is really two operations. It is not enough just to collect fat and inject it into the buttocks, but it is imperative that the surgeon rershapes and subtracts fat from above the buttocks, waist line, inner and outer thighs and lower back .The combination of these surgical procedures gives a desirable and sexy buttock. If you gain weight, your fat cells get larger, might be easier to collect them. If you loose weight, you will loose volume from the transplanted fat as well. Is best to be at the weight you intend to be at and not alter yourself for surgery temporarily, since you will be disappointed at the end. See a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your wishes and he/she should be able to give you an answer what is realistically possible. Good luck.

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Weight gain before brazilian buttock lift

If you do not have enough donor fat then gaining weight will be helpful for your ultimate outcome with a fat transfer to the buttock. The areas where you gain weight are more important than the actual weight. Your plastic surgeon should evaluate you to determine that the weight you gained is "useable" fat for the procedure. Check in with your plastic surgeon prior to further weight gain to be sure you are at a reasonable weight.

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