Is It Advisable to Use Vasershape to Increase the Results of Cellulaze?

Just curious if it's recommended to use Vasershape after Cellulaze and how effective it would be at evening out/contouring post-cellulaze??? If so, how long after Cellulaze treatment should one wait to do Vasershape and how many treatments of Vasershape are necessary to achieve results?

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Vaser shape after Cellulaze treatment

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I am not impressed to say the least with the results of Cellulaze.

Its proponents claim that the results will continue to improve for the next six months.

Whether it is true or not, only time will tell. 

If you assume that you have improvement and that will continue for the next couple of months, it's prudent to wait before you involve another treatment.

If you did not experience any improvement and or you look worse and significant amount of time has passed, other treatments should be entertained.

VASER Shape will give you improvement. The results will vary depending on the thermal damage caused by the Cellulaze. Usually 5-6 treatments will be required.  Depending on the nature of the problem, additional fat reduction or skin tightening can be achieved.

In lack of response, you can consider Vasersmooth which will be available to the public soon.

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Is It Advisable to Use Vasershape to Increase the Results of Cellulaze

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Easy answer is not sure. It has not been studied yet, but if you and your certified CELLULAZE doc think it could help than try it. Best of luck 

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