Need Advices on my Chin, Lips and Jawline? (photo)

I'm aware that a chin implant would definitely improve my facial look, but I was wondering if it'd be enough, cause I really feel that my lips are too thick, the shape isn't good , my uper lip is a bit too forward and I should reduce then or change. I also feel that my jawline needs some improvement. I posted some pics even though I feel my lips look a bit thicker in pics than in the mirror. What do you guys think I should do? would it be better do all at same time (chin, lips and jawline)?

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Chin implant, jawline, and your lips

thanks for the question Ralph

a couple of things.

Number one: young and your face has a lot of volume that will diminish with time that may actually allow for a more defined jaw

number two: the same goes for your lips they may reduce the volume with time.

From you photos I think there may be a lot of volume changes over the next few years. I would get a number of in person consultations with reputable facial plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons. It may seem like I'm not really answering your questions directly here but based on some of your features in the photos I really think some aspects of your features argument change significantly over the next few years and you may not want to intervene surgically just yet.

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