Advice, Please? Juvederm First Timer. Uneven Results and I Don't Know if I Should Go Back?

I met with a dermatologist, and purchased 1 syringe (8 units) of Juvederm XC to treat my nasolabial folds. The MD injected the right side of my face with THREE 1u injections. He then asked me if his PA could "try" the left side. This PA gave me FIVE 1u injections to my left side. The original plan was to save the last 2 units for under my eyes, but the PA messed up twice, so MD had to help her out, using the rest of the syringe. I have uneven results and don't know if I'm comfortable going back.

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Uneven results after Juvederm, Should I go back?

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Normally, I would recommend you go back, but in this case I think you should at least call and express your concerns. Your feedback is important and the doctor is more likely to make the necessary correction at no charge.  You will definitely have to spend additional money to go somewhere else for correction. So you decide. For the record It's important to have an injector with a lot of experience regardless of their medical degree.  In my office nurses do most of the injections but they are highly trained and skilled to do so. 

Juvederm Treatment

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It sounds like your dermatologist was training a new unqualified injector at your expense. It is unhealthy situation and one you should avoid.

Filler issue

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Why were two people doing the injections for you?  I always do my own injections.  Doesn't sound like you went to the right person.

Uneven Juvederm, do I go back?

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This sounds like a bad plan and bad situation, so no, I wouldn't recommend going back. I think the fact that you say you "aren't sure if you're comfortable going back" says clearly, that you aren't, but want some validation. You are validated. Don't go back. This was absolutely mishandled and is not a good situation. I recommend finding a doctor who does his or her own injections entirely - not a PA, nurse, MA, or anything else. P.S. Just for future knowledge Juvederm syringes are mL, not units, and to be honest, most offices are now using the larger 1.0ml size syringes (not the .8ml size anymore) which are the same price! Also, I don't recommend that you get Juvederm under the eyes - Restylane is a much better filler there.


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If you havelost confidence in your physician, then seek another opinion by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is willing to do the injection and the treatment, not a non MD injector.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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