Advice on which route would be best to fill in the temporal corners on a female with congenital wide/high hairline?

I am a female in her early 20's who has always been bothered by her hairline. As you can see in the pictures I have both a high hairline and the look of "receding" temple points. The corners have been that way since birth; I am not losing hair. I do not mind having a high forehead but I DEFINITELY DO NOT like it being as wide as it is. I was wondering approx. how many grafts would be needed for an area like this and the approx. cost of the procedure? I am located in Maryland. Thank you.

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Forehead / hairline

Your pictures did not come out on my mobile device. They would help to answer you , along with an estmate of your scalp mobility. Grafts in front of the temple hair work well if you need to narrow the forehead. Hairline lowering works great to lower the central hairline if scalp mobility is appropriate. I sometimes do a combination of both.

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