Need Advice Between Restylane or Juvederm for Lips?

Hi, i am very interested to get my lips done. I would like to have more plumpness. But i don't know which one should i choose between Restylane and Juvederm. I'm living in Portugal now, and i can't seems to find Juvederm much. Mainly i asked is using Restylane. Is Restylane good? Please advice.

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Juvederm Vs. Restylane For the Lips

Juvederm and Restylane are both excellent choices for the lips.  Both products are HA's and are well tolerated.  Juvederm is more hydrophilic so tends to be a choice for plumper lips while Restylane may be slightly more advantageous for finer lines around the lip.

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Lip augmentation and filler choices

Dear judithktaylor,

  1. Both options will get you a plumper lip, although I believe it takes more Restylane to get the same effect as Juvederm since Juvederm absorbs some water and swells up a bit
  2. You may want to start with one syringe of Restylane and after 2 weeks, if you still need more, you can have some more added

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Nima Shemirani

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Lip Augmentation With Juvederm Volbella May Offer Some Advantages

In truth many of the Hyaluronic acid fillers are good options for lip augmentation. Juvederm and Restylane are probably the two most frequently used. When using Restylane I prefer Fine Lines which  now comes in a 1cc with Lidocaine formulation which I think is much preferable to others of the Restylane family, as one wants a nice soft product for lips. I would definitely go with one with a numbing agent in it, as these make lip augmentation a great deal more comfortable. I would agree with others who have expressed a preference for juvederm. I find it's consistency tends to be smoother and more natural feeling. I would have to say that lately , the new favourite among my lip augmentation patients is Juvederm Volbella which was only recently made available for lip augmentation in Canada. Volbella has a very smooth, non lumpy consistency, is fast and easy to inject, is great for contouring, and is not associated with much swelling in my experience thus far. Although it is slightly more expensive, studies indicate it may be longer lasting, which may make the extra cost worthwhile.

Fillers for lips, Juvederm vs. Restylane

Both Juvederm and Restylane are excellent fillers for the face and lips. Both are incredibly safe and have been used in millions of patients around the world over many years. I have a slight preference for Juvederm in the lips since it is a little softer and smoother which is nice for the lip. Most importantly is to find an expert, highly trained injector such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who does your injections. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Juvederm for the lips

In general, I prefer Juvederm for the lips. It is very soft, and yields a great looking and natural result. I would recommend choosing an experienced physician to perform your injections. A dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or facial plastic surgeon are all great choices. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Juvederm vs. Restylane for Lip Augmentation

Either Juvederm or Restylane can produce very successful lip augmentation results with a low risk of any post-injection problems. One product does not have an advantage over the other. When using either of these products for lip augmentation, the success will be based on the skill of the injector not because one product is better than the other.

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Both excellent options

Both Juviderm and Restylane are excellent options. Hyaluronic acid fillers do very well in this area as they are fairly pliable and can be reversed if necessary. Juviderm feels a bit more silky coming out of the syringe, but both work well. Results depend upon the skill and the judgment of the person injecting. The filler should be injected not only at the lip margins, but also within the body of the lip. Best wishes.

C.W. David Chang, MD
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Best fillers for lips

Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero are the best options for lip augmentation. The differences between each of these hyaluronic acid gel products include particle size, total concentration, and the extent of cross linking. Please remember, your results depend upon the skill and experience of your physician injector. You can follow the video link below to see before and after pictures of my wife’s lips being injected with Restylane!

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Need Advice Between Restylane or Juvederm for Lips?

I think both dermal fillers are very effective and can create natural lip augmentation in experienced hands. Each injector will have their chosen filler for a certain type of injection. However, they perform similarly. If you find an experienced Restylane injector who does alot of lip augmentation, you're on the right track. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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