E Cup Doesn't Seem Too Big - Why?

I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow to discuss this issue as I really feel I have been 'talked into' my final implant size. It's really hard to question things though when your nervous about the whole thing to begin with .. I looked at a before and after photo today of a lady that went from a B to an E using 440 cc implants and they really didn't look that big - why is that? I'm afraid I'm never going to be happy if I think an E cup is not big !

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E cup doesn't seem too big?

Cup size like many clothing sizes is highly subjective.  Different bra manufacturers will have different cup sizes.  Furthermore, each patient has a different body frame and breast envelope.  Accordingly, the same size implant can look vastly different on different ladies.  Your best bet is an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentation.

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