Need Advice. Getting Pocket Revision and Bigger Implants 6 Months Later.

I just had my 6 month check up. I posted previously about my right implant falling under my arm, and my PS agrees. He will close the lateral pocket & open the medial pocket. I decided to go bigger at the same time. I currently have 265cc,both breasts,& went with full projection, under the muscle. I was concerned about lack of cleavage & my implants not moving. What should I be considering this time around? smooth? less projecection? volume? I do want bigger, but worry about more rippling.

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Breast Implant Pocket Revisionary Surgery Advice?

Thank you for the question.

Although it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination and a full communication of your goals, based on your accurate description it sounds like you are dealing with breast implant displacement ( laterally).  If so, this situation can be corrected nicely with internal sutures to help keep the breast implants better positioned ( towards the cleavage area).  Opening the breast implant  pocket along the medial breast border  and the potential use of larger breast implants may be helpful as well. Correcting the breast implant pocket positioning will also potentially improve the position of the nipple/areola complex on the breast mound.  Also, keeping the breast implants medially positioned may also help improve rippling/palpability of the breast implants on the sides.

 In regards to specific  goals, I would suggest that you communicate your desired outcome with your plastic surgeon carefully. I prefer the use of goal pictures to help with this communication process. Once you have communicated your goals clearly you will hopefully have confidence in your plastic surgeon's ability to choose the appropriate breast implant size/profile to meet your objectives as closely as possible. In my practice, breast implant selection is a intraoperative decision made after the use of sizers with the patient in the upright position.

Best wishes with your upcoming revisionary breast surgery.

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Breast revision surgery is always more difficult than the original procedure

It is a tricky thing to correct an implant that has moved.

If cleavage is your concern perhaps consider going over the muscle will give you more cleavage definition.

Ultimately without seeing your pictures it it difficult to give you any concrete advice.

Perhaps seeing a plastic surgeon within a driving distance of your location would be beneficial


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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The best implant for you

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best implant for you. The consensis is that a smooth moderate profile gel implant will look the best for the most patients. The size and implant type though will depend on your particular breast and situation, and the look you are wishing for.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Pocket issue and implant choice

Without seeing you, it is always difficult to offer suggestions to your questions.  Choosing the right implants requires a thorough exam and an understanding of your goals.

Steven Wallach, MD
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