Advice Please on Replacement of Silicone Breast Implant on One Breast with Symptons of Capsular Contraction After Ten Years?

I have capsular contraction in right breast the surgon has seen it. It is Painful and it has changed shape. I had breast agumention 10 years ago with silicone gel implants over the muscel. I am going to have the breast impant repalced and the scar tissue removed. It will then be placed under the muscle. This will be on the right breast. The left breast has no symptons and is soft. However shoud I get that repalced as it is ten years old and is over the muscel? they will be different. thanks

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Implant replacement

If you have a capsular contracture in one breast and the implants are ten years old, it is probably best to replace both of them.

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You should have both implants replaced

It sounds like your surgeon's plan for the right breast is a reasonable one.  Even though you have no problems with the left breast, you should have the implant replaced.  The current silicone implants are much better than the ones from10 years ago, so it will be an upgrade to your implants. Your left implant is also getting up there in age and you should have it replaced while you are under anesthesia.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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