Is P-FAB Available and Safe for Butt Augmentation?

Any advice or opinions on the viability of Dr. Douglas Hamilton's P-FAB Permanent Filler?  Researching Permanent Filler Augmentation of the Buttocks and saw press releases for P-FAB, which is said to be a solution created and administered by Dr. Douglas Hamilton. He appears to have a great deal of experience under his belt, but I question why no other cosmetic surgeons have offered this service. Any take on this? Is he legit?

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Buttock enhancement

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I looked up the site, and I do not know what is being injected and its effectiveness.

There is no FDA approved permanent filler in quantities to enhance the buttocks except fat transfer.

The other method described by a Brazilian Doctor is Dermis Fat Graft., and the next is Buttock Implant.

illegal injectors have injected Hydrogel, and Silicone both commercial grade from a hardware store. Both cause Major problems.

Proceed very carefully

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