Advice Needed on Excessive Abdominal Skin?

I need advice on excessive abdominal skin from 3 c-sections ( low transverse incisions ) and a colon re-section that was a vertical incision up and around my belly button. I having some issues now with urine incontinence and my lower stomach hangs lower on one side. Im 57 and not in a financial position to pay out of pocket for any procedures, I do have insurance. Im in the Pittsburgh Pa area Thank-you

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A tummy tuck could help with your shape, but.....

I am sorry you are having trouble with your belly. Without seeing pictures, it is hard to predict exactly what you would benefit from.  That said, I do believe that a tummy tuck could help greatly with the contour and shape of you belly. The horizontal incision on the lower abdomen would be removed, as would portion of the vertical incision up to your belly button. The asymmetry could also be improved. With this, you could have a much improve contour to your abdomen.  Unfortunately, your urinary incontinence would not be affected by the operation.

Unfortunately, your insurance company is not going to pay for the surgery.....   Most plastic surgeons do have financing options, so maybe that would be a way to go??


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