Advice needed 22 months post failed tip plasty. (UNILATERAL failure)?

1 side of my tip plasty failed. I asked surgeon 2 shave my bridge down 8 degrees cuz I knew that when the cartilage collapsed I'd end up with a hump. I was correct+went from perfectly straight nose to a HUGE hump. The tip plasty failed BADLY on 1side. I Surgeon wants me to wait ANOTHER 6mos before fixing it! (photos show NO changes since 3mos postop). How long do I have to wait? Im embarrassed+dont leave my house anymore. & how much shud I be responsible to pay? (Open rhino is ONLY fix now) TY

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22 months after rhinoplasty for revision

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At 22 months after a rhinoplasty you are certainly able to have revision work if both needed and desired.I would simply say that you see a very experienced surgeon who both does, and is confident with revision nose work.

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