Advice on Mastectomy Reconstruction Revision? (photo)

I had a skin-saving double mastectomy and reduction 10 months ago and have concerns. First, I appear to have reacted to the blue dye which killed the skin (see photo taken at first dressing change 5 days or so later) and would like your opinions. I went back to surgery and this was the result (see photo taken). Here I am at now (see photos taken). I have hollows at the cleavage and bulges created at the sides. What happened and what are your suggestions? Thanks.

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Reconstruction revision.

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Thanks for your question.  In terms of what to do at this point it depends in part on what size you are comfortable being.  One of the difficulties with breast reconstruction is that implants only are made up to a certain size.  Larger implants have larger base diameters and going with a larger implant will definitely help by filling in some of the space you are lacking superiorly and medially.  You could also tighten some of the loose tissue and re-contor tissue around the implants.  This would help to smooth out some of the areas on the lateral portions of your breasts.  Hope that gives you some ideas.

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Mastectomy and asymmetry

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It looks like you ahd some skin loss that required removal. That probably accounts for the asymmetry. An exam in person may be helpful to determine what can help you achieve better asymmetry.

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Advice on Mastectomy Reconstruction Revision? (photo)

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You have asymmetry due to loss of the skin that had to be excised from your left breast

The  fold is higher on the left and you also have some bulging of fatty tissue at the sides

This can all be improved with re insertion of an expander in the left,lowering of the fold ,and liposuction to the fatty tissue

I usually use an adjustable saline implant .This functions as an expander and can be left in place once fully expanded .Alternatively it can be replaced with a silicone gel implant

Hilton Becker, MD
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