Advice on Long Philtrum and Hollow Cheeks

I have a few brief questions about improving my appearance, thank you for your response :) 1. am I a good candidate for a lip lift? photos attached 2. my face appears harsh, protruding eyebrows (the lateral horns?) it may not be evident from these photos. Hollow cheeks, strong jawline, my forehead isn't very feminine. 3.lastly when I smile a have distinct line running from my eyes, temples, down my cheeks, what could be causing this? Thanks!

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You are harsh on your self.  with your complaints ypou will be a gold mine to an unethical person who would operate on any thing that passes by.

If by "prorudih=ng brow" you mean prominent supra orbital ridge, then this can be shaved through an incision in the hair line from ear to ear such procedure is used commonly to feminize the face. Hollow cheecks can be filled with fat and the strong jaw line from the picture seems a large asseter muscle . This can be softened by botox


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As Sophia Loren said, "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."  My recommendation to you at this time is to consult with a first class make up artist, develop your style and become comfortable with it, and work with your hair.  Besides these measures, keep at or close to your ideal body weight and remain physically fit.  Control the stress in your life.  Learn to work your femininity.  Cosmetic surgery is an adjunctive measure, but in and of itself, despite the possibility of improved physical appearance, may not make you happy because you are already pretty.  My opinion:  Instead of picking yourself apart, fault by fault, focus on all of the good you have, maximize it, and if there are still issues that bother you, see a plastic surgeon (or several) near you to discuss.

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Advice on Long Philtrum and Hollow Cheeks

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The only thing I do for lip fullness is a dermal-fat graft transplant from the supra-pubic area to the lips. This is a transplant of you own tissue and the results are permanent not temporary. They are also very natural looking results. I invented and perfected this proceedure over 25 years ago with hundreds of happy patients. You can see examples of them at the website aventuraplasticsurgery .com. The only other choice is Juvederm filler enhancement to the lips but it is temporary.

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