I Need an Advice in Which Type of Laser to Use For Dark Black Hair on Medium Tone Skin?

I need an advice on which laser is the best of those three types. IPL is an older and more painful and long procedure, Diode and Alexadrite lasers are faster and newer technologies. Also YAG lasers can be effective. My skin is a medium toned skin not dark and not light, some of my hair is dark black and in other areas it’s a bit lighter. The area of my skin is the face and underarm. My skin type is sensitive.

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Which Type of Laser to Use For Dark Black Hair on Medium Tone Skin?

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Yag laser will be good for your skin type. I would recommend a consultation to give you the best treatment.

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My preference is diode or alexandrite lasers

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My preference of those ones listed for hair removal are Diode or Alexandrite lasers. Most importantly, find an office where a physician is directly involved in your care and ask specifically about the training of the technicians. Most people who have ineffective or bad results occur because of being treated at offices with poor technology, training, and lack of oversight.

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