Advice About Fixing Implant Revision?

Had my 16yr 36c implants re done 1 wk ago with hp for up pole & give me a full d cup.He put in 325c .Old ones were 225c overs, came out intact with some CC.So 100c increase.I find i am 2'' smaller bust.My right was & is soft & droopy,my left is hard & pointed.i had to go to 36c for support.Ps denied it, but my card says he put UHP in left and HP in droopy right. no alter to breast pocket.He said he could do a fat trans to boost the right.wish i had ££ for new PS.I want a redo,maybe 400c?..

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Advice About Fixing Implant Revision?

It is hard to imagine how putting in larger implants can result in smaller breasts, so I suspect the measurements were not taken with the same technique. The post op breasts do look larger in the photo. 

It is similarly unlikely that a 100 cc difference in implants size would increase the size I see on the left side photo to what I would call a D cup. Typically, 100 cc would give about a half cup of increase.

In terms of the card you received, I don't know how the cards are used in the UK, but in the states we take the sticker from the implant packet and affix it to the card. So unless your card get mixed up with one from another patient that day, I have no explanation.


Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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