Any advice on how to fix my asymmetry face? I would also like to know exactly what you guys see. (photo)

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Corrective Surgery for Facial Asymmetry

The most signifcant part of your facial asymmetry is in the jawline with difference in the size of your jaw angles and the chin deviation. What you have to decide before choosing corrective surgery is which side of your face do you like the best. If it is the left side then you need right jaw angle augmentation and to shift the chin bone to the left. If you like the right side then you need to reduce the left jaw angle and shorten the height of the left side of the chin bone.

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Facial asymmetry

You have a small mandible on the right. It may be a mild form of hemifacial microsomia. What should and could be done depends on the status of your bite and what you want. For example, if the bite is normal, the normal left angle of the jaw can be brought in. Alternatively, the right angle can be augmented. Best wishes.

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Facial asymmetry

thanks for the inquiry Jerm

I don't see any massive or glaring asymmetries except for maybe some asymmetry of the angle of mandible or your jaw. The picture isn't completely clear but it appears here left jaw is a little more prominent than the right. There are very slight asymmetries of the eyes and the mid face or the cheeks under the eyes. I wouldn't make any attempts to address anything for the eyes surgically but a little filler under the eyes do something that he may find useful. If indeed your jaw or angle of mandible was that asymmetric you could address that either with reducing the bone stock or volume of the more prominent side if that is the anatomy that is contributing to it or adding and implant to the opposing side. If I was given make a suggestion it might be to add the implant to maintain the strong appearance that you have.

I'll very frankly say that you have good attractive strong male features and I don't really recommend anything surgically on personal or professional level in general because you do have good features. The bottom line though is that you need a good consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon before moving forward with anything.

I hope that was helpful

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