Any Advice on Breast Reduction? When Should I Start Looking Further into It? How Small is Too Small? What Are the Pros and Cons?

I am 17 and weigh 130-140lbs with 34DD size breasts last time I was sized around a year ago and feel as if that does not support me well anymore. I experience minor back pain at times, sever neck pain on occasions, breathing pains every now and then, and I am self conscious about my breasts. I also have stretch marks all around my breasts. I have difficulties finding bras and bathing suits as well as clothing that fits me to my comfort. I want to be a full B cup.

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Breast reduction in a 17 year old patient

If you are experiencing symptoms of neck pain and back pain, it is reasonable to consider consulting with a plastic surgeon regarding breast reduction. I would first discuss this with your parents as you would need their consent in order to have surgery. Also your health insurance may cover a portion of the surgery as it may be deemed reconstructive, not cosmetic, due to your symptoms. It is not very common for a 17 yr old woman to have this procedure, but it is acceptable to do if the symptoms of neck and back pain are affecting your life. A board certified plastic surgeon in your area can evaluate you and see if you are a good candidate.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Because you are 17 years old, start with a discussion with your parents.  The next step is to meet with some board certified plastic surgeons to get some good advice. If you wanted to go through your insurance, you would have to do research to see what the process would be.  Each insurance company is different with what they require to "authorize" the breast reduction surgery through insurance.  I write a letter and send photos of the patient when trying to get authorization (I am sure most plastic surgeons do this as well).  Also getting supporting letters from other doctors who can document that you have had neck, back and shoulder pain and/or rashes due to the large breasts. Supporting documentation is usually very helpful.  

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Breast reduction

I think the important hing is to wait till you have fully developed and then consult with a plastic surgeon and get the pros and cons.Certainly you will be able to function better but probably will not be able to breats feed but for soemone with severe back and neck pain it is well worth it.

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Any Advice on Breast Reduction? When Should I Start Looking Further into It? How Small is Too Small? What Are the Pros and Cons?

Great questions but best to be seen in in person at a boarded PS office with your parents. This allows an examination and discussion on many issues like insurance coverage, healing, scars. 

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