Need Advice on Breast Augmentation Revision

Help Please! - I need advice on breast augmentation revision.

Augmentation done 3 yrs ago (400cc, sub-gladular, cohesive gel, high profile) I'm unhappy w/results - unnatural shape, the implant creates a gap between chest wall & clothing - (see pic.) I want a natural slope to my breasts - am thinking - low profile, smaller implant? - would this correct my problem? Do I need sub-muscular placement as well? I'm 5' 3.5", 116 lb & workout - my natural breasts had a very teardrop shape. Loved my doctor but I did not make the right choice of profile & size.

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Breast Augmentation Mistakes are NOT always correctable

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When women frequent Breast Augmentation forums and chat rooms they become used to trading" Breast Specs" (cup size, implant volumes, chest diameter, under/over etc) in the mistaken idea that this is analogous to and as accurate as communicating about machine parts. IT IS NOT. Measurements help and guide the decision but surgeon judgement, artistry and commitment to excellence often make great out of "good" or "fake" out of what could have been "good". Very few women look well with large subglandular saline implants; more do better with subglandular silicone implants but the best most attractive outcomes are seen when implants are covered by the local tissues (which often means using the muscle as a cover). In your case, the implants would have to be replaced to a submuscular position and be fitted to your exact dimensions. Pick a good andresponsive Plastic surgeon.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation revision

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The results of breast augmentation may not always be satisfactory to the patient, and revisional surgery may improve the appearance or shape of the breasts. Changing the position of the implant from subglandular (under the breast) to submuscular (under the pectoralis muscle), as well as the size and shape of the implant would contribute to a different appearance. There are numerous options and alternatives and making a decision as to what is best for you would require an in person consultation and physical examination.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Options to correct overly projecting or prominent upper breast implant

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Certainly a low profile smaller implant in the existing plane could do it. However, under the muscle would markedly improve and diminish the projection of the upper pole

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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