Unhappy with Post-op Size - How Do I Approach my Surgeon?

Before my appt. I emailed in a photo of a woman with 425CC implants and said that I liked the slope, but that the implants were too big. In the same email, I sent in a picture of a woman with 350 cc implants and said that they were more the size I was looking for. My surgeon put in 450cc's. I am extremely disappointed. Although, I didn't have much breast tissue to begin with, I feel this is too big for me. What should I expect from the surgeon?

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Implant size

It is way to early to determine things. Youa are early post-op and still swollen.. Give it a few months before considering going smaller.

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Wait for the swelling to go down.

By all means, wait until all the swelling goes down, at least 6 weeks.  Most likely, you will be pleased with your size.  If not, be honest with your surgeon and ask him/her what can be done.  It is impossible to tell from pictures of  other patients what size implant will look good on you.

Kevin F. Hagan, MD
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How to pick the right implant size

There are two issued to discuss here.  First, it is too early for you to  know what your final breast appearance will be.  Depending on what type of surgery you had and some other factors, it could be 2-3 months before you know your final breast size.

As to the way to pick the right implant size, it is important to choose the correct process in decision making.  The same implant size can produce very different looks and cup size in different patients.  For example, in one woman a 400 cc implant  can create a "D cup", while in a different patient the same size implant can create only a "C cup".  There are a number of factors that need to be carefully considered by the surgeon, such as choice of implant pocket, amount of available breast tissue, chest wall dimensions, etc.

In our practice I have a very specific protocol in place to determine the implant size so as to create the final breast size and shape desired by the patient.  This protocol includes assessing patient's anatomy, having the patient choose some photos from our extensive before and after photo gallery, even possibly having the patient place some implants into a bra. Using this multifactorial approach we have an extremely high success rate of created precisely the breast shape and size desired by the patient.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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Breasts too large after augmentation

It takes several weeks to months for the breasts to assume their final shape and appearance after breast augmentation surgery, and from your photographs it seems you are in the very early post-operative period. You should expect there will be significant changes in your breasts over the next few weeks. It is always important to communicate your thoughts to your surgeon, and allow him/her to discuss the specifics of the surgery and possibilities for revision, even if additional surgery is deferred several months.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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What to Do with my large Implants

The best approach is to wait until the swelling is reduced. You would be best served by being patient  before re-doing the surgery and reducing the size of the the implants. You most likely will be happy once the edema of the breast augmentation and breast lift are resolved.

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Implants are too large for me

You are still quite early after surgery judging from your incisions and it is highly likely that you have a significant degree of swelling in the range of 10 -15%. I would not rush into any decisions but it is important that you let your surgeon know now even if nothing is to be done for a minimum of 4 months.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with Breast Cup Size after Breat Augmentation with Lift

Communication between surgeon and patient is extremely important as is picking the right surgeon. unfortunately, a lot of women put a lot more thought into which car they buy or hair style they change to than who will operate on them. In my opinion, you should have taken the pictures with you rather than E mailing them. We all get a lot of E mails every day and this is not a secure or ideal way to make sure your surgeon understands your wishes. Only a face to face discussion can achieve this goal.

It appears you had a Breast Augmentation with an around the areola Lift. Depending on the DEGREE of breast sagging, Plastic surgeons at the coaxing of patients will put in larger implants (taking up more of the loose breast skin) to avoid having to put a vertical scar and lift the breasts with smaller implants. In most cases, these results do not last long because the sagging resumes immediately with a greater amount of weight packed in the breasts.

It is way too soon to do anything about your breasts. In a few months, as the swelling subsides you will see the real appearance of your breasts. You may be surprised by how much better they look or you may still feel that something needs to be done. Most women are happier then than they are in the perioperative period. Odds are you will be one of them.

Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Too Early For Decision About Size

In reality, based on your pictures,it is too early to make any decision about the size.  Based on how your areola scars are healing, it appears that you are only a week or two after surgery.  It will take 1-3 months for everything to settle, for all the swelling to go down, etc.  That is the time when you then make a judgement on the size.  Alot of women think that they are too large in the first 2 weeks, but by the three month mark, they all say the same thing - "  I wish I had gone a little bigger."  Be patient and let yourself heal.  The implant numbers are just that - numbers - not cup size, etc., so do not get to caught up on the size.  Your surgeon may have felt that you needed the extra volume for what you want to achieve.  Be patient and then at the 3 month, reassess yourself and see how you feel about things.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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