Advice and opinions on what can and can't be done during a third nose operation? (Photo)

Left-hand side appears deformed, the bone has collapsed down the side of my nose. Projection and length are still too big, and generally my nose looks very odd on numerous angles - indicating it is far from symmetric and does not fit with the features of my face. I am going in for a third operation but I am feeling less confident, and would like some expert advice and opinions on what can be done? Many thanks.

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Issues to Avoid After Multiple Rhinoplasties

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Your photos do not shed much light on the nature of your problems so I will give you some general things to be concerned about when having a third rhinoplasty. Issue number 1 is to allow enough time to elapse between operations to allow for complete tissue healing. This means a minimum of 6 months but preferably a year since the last operation. Secondly you mention a number of problems after two operations, there is an unwritten rule amongst rhinoplastic surgeons that one revision is normal two is problematic and if a third is necessary you should consider getting another opinion. Lastly, each operation is not logarithmically harder, each successive operation becomes exponentially harder mainly due to scarring and a lack of autololous material for reconstructive purposes. Anyone recommending foreign material for a scarred nose should not be considered as your surgeon. 

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