Tattoo Lightening Creams/Gels - Do They Work?

I just got a tattoo 3 days ago that didnt come out the way i wanted, and which i completely regret. i have done a lot of research on laser treatments, but have also come across advertisements for TCA/gels/creams. Do they really work to lighten or remove tattoos?

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The widely available and heavily marketed tattoo removal creams have not proven effective in clearance or fading of skin tattoos due to the location of the tattoo ink within the skin and the limited ability of the creams/gels to reach this area.  You will be best served by finding a knowledgeable and experienced professional to perform laser tattoo removal, which is the current gold standard for tattoo clearance.  
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Tattoo lightening creams

Unfortunately it's too early to have read any scientific reports of long term effectivenesss of tattoo removal cream. I can't imagine that there would be significant improvement as the penetration doesn't extend as deeply as laser hair removal.

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