Adverse Reactions to Injectable Soft Tissue Fillers? (photo)

One year ago i had injectable soft tissue fillers of restalyn in a foreign country. lumps have now formed few months after a year later i saw my my uncle a skin specialist he has confirmed through a pathology report that there is Granulomatous under my eyes that i was very unlucky and suffered an allergic reaction. He said it is very hard to remove and would be surprised if a plastic surgent could even fix this problem. How hard is it too remove these lumps there terible.

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With any luck this is a hyaluronic acid filler.

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The lumps may not be granulomas, it might be lower eyelid filler.  Yes hyaluronic acid filler can last well over a year, even two years.  An experienced injector would be able to completely remove these with injections of hyaluronidase provided they are composed of hyaluronic acid.  If the enzyme is unhelpful, surgery can be used to remove these lumps.  There is no reason to walk around looking like this.

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Adverse Reaction to Soft Tissue Filler Under Your Eyes

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I am in total agreement with Dr. Rueckl.  We don't know what you have in there.  The easiest thing would be to try Hyaluronidase as it would do no harm.  If this does not work, it is highly unlikely that you had Restylane at all.  A consultation with an occuloplastic surgeon would be the next step.  

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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Adverse Reactions to Fillers

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Here's the problem: who knows if you actually had Restylane. Because the FDA governs fillers in this country we are assured of their quality when we buy them from the U.S. manufacturers. In other countries, this isn't true and who knows what the filler actually was that was used on you. Fraudulent formulations and cheap "crap" are often what's used in other countries when the packages aren't purchased directly from U.S. companies. The lumps under your are are indeed not good, but you can get some help. You can try Vitrase first to see if the filler can dissolve a bit, if it's an HA filler, this will help. However, based on the fact that you're having this problem now, over a year later, it's unlikely it's an HA filler at all. So you need to see a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or ocular specialist and go from there.

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Based on the picture provided, I would visit with a reputable surgeon, nurse injector, or experienced provider to get an assessment of what your lumps are or aren't. And, you have options for removal - hyaluronidase and/or otherwise.

Bumps under the eyes

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The easiest thing to do is find a good doctor with experience with hyauronidase injections.  If its restylane or juvederm, then it will go away with hyauronidase.  Otherwise, you may need a surgical procedure. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
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Adverse Reactions to Injectable Soft Tissue Fillers?

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Thanks for the photos posted! My first impression is you DID not have Restylane but something else. And treatment of excision is possible but difficult. The lesson is out of country "anything" is very iffy. So sorry for your issues. 

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