Adverse reaction to fraxel laser treatment? (Photo)

Hello, I had fraxel laser treatment done four days ago. The doctor did the first treatment a week before but my skin never peeled and there was no difference so he waited 7 days and repeated a session. My skin had open sores the same day as the procedure and now it's been several days and scabs still haven't formed and there are open sores. Is this normal? Or is it an adverse reaction?

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Fraxel laser and wounds

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Fraxel laser is a great treatment for fine lines, scars, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.  It is unclear which setting you had and which Fraxel laser was used.  These type of wounds do not look normal and you should return immediately to your treating physician for assessment.  Please keep me posted.


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This looks infected to me and I highly recommend you return to the physician who did the laser to assess your need for antibiotics.  The risk of not doing this-today-is that it could scar.

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