Skin Correction with out Muscle Repair?

I recently had a bbl, i choose not to have the tummy tuck and now regret it. I have a small area by my belly button that lifts up slightly, is it possible to remove this excess skin with out muscle repair? and how costly is it?

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Tummy Tuck Without Muscle Repair

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This may be possible however you would need to provide more information in an inperson consultation to receive a better assessment. Generally speaking, a tummy tuck does not need to include muscle repair.

Removal of Skin without Muscle Work

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Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to say if you would be a good candidate for removal of excess skin without muscle work without an examination (or possibly photos).  If your abdominal muscles are in good shape, this procedure could be a  possibility.  Speak with your surgeon and allow him/her to examine you to determine if this will be a good procedure for you.

Best wishes.

Skin laxity versus excess fat

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Thank you for the question.  Its hard to know what issue you are having but I suspect it is either excess fat or excess laxity.  Excess fat can be treated by liposuction whereas excess laxity will have to be cut out.  Most commonly this has to be done by a full tummy tuck type procedure since the belly button stalk acts as an anchor and simply removing some skin around the belly button will not be a good choice for correction.

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Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Skin Correction with out Muscle Repair?

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I couldn't begin to guess the procedure that would be best for you without an exam or at least photos, but I can say that if your abdominal wall is fit, there would be no need to do a muscle repair. Discuss with your surgeon.

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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