Advantages to Porcelain Veneers?

Besides not having to remove so much of the tooth's structure, what are the other advantages for choosing porcelain veneers over crowns?

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Porcelain veneers are very much like dental crowns

When it all comes down to it, a veneer is just the front half of a crown.  The material is the same (as an all porcelain crown, not a porcelain fused to metal crown), both can be bonded to the tooth, so it all comes down to less tooth structure being removed for a veneer.  

However, a veneer is harder to do, so the fee is either the same or more than a simple crown.

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Porcelain Veneers Are Highly Successful

Porcealin Veneers can be one of the most successful treatments dentistry has ever offered.  If done correctly, veneers can last for years and create the most beautiful smiles. Porcelain Veneers have advantages and  limitations.  1-They can be used to correct color and shape 2-If you are a bruxer, you must wear a bite protector at night and have a good dentist evaluate your bite.  Have the veneers adjusted for a good, stable bite.  3-You can not be missing a lot of tooth structure, otherwise a bonded crown works better.  4-When having to match bonding or other crowns, veneers can be tricky-Find an experienced dentist for a good experience.  Get more than one opinion if the treatement sounds compicated or difficult.  5-The failure is usually around the margins.  You can get staining or new cavities so the technique must be excellent when cementing.  They can also break.  Hope this helps in your research.

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Advantages to porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers offer several advantages in addition to saving tooth structure.  They are an excellent way to change the shape and color of your teeth as well as close spaces or correct rotated teeth. if you have fillings in your teeth, doing porcelain veneers can allow a longer term restoration than the fillings which may continue to change colors and break down.

Another distinct advantage of veneers over crowns is the fact that your bite on the back side of the upper teeth will still be natural tooth structure which is kinder to the lower teeth than porcelain.

In some cases porcelain veneers can actually be used to change and improve the bite as well.  

In overview,the advantages of porcelain veneers really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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Porcelain Veneers versus Crowns

Since MORE tooth structure remains when a porcelain veneer is done versus a porcelain crown, the tooth is actually STRONGER with a veneer than with a crown.  Research has proven that when the back side of the tooth (called the cingulum) is left intact, the tooth is stronger than if the cingulum is removed for a crown preparation.  

In addition, veneer preparations can often times be done entirely in enamel (the outer layer of a tooth), giving a more predictable and stronger bond strength than when bonding to dentin (the layer beneath the enamel).  When a tooth is prepared for a crown, most of the bonding is to the dentin.  

Both porcelain crowns and veneers can give the same cosmetic result when done by a properly trained cosmetic dentist.  There are many advantages to doing veneers instead of crowns, but each case is different depending on the existing condition of the teeth and the patient's goals.  

Advantages of Veneers over Crowns

PORCELAIN VENEERS and CROWNS both have their place in restoring a smile to optimal BEAUTY and FUNCTION. Which to use depends on the pre-existing conditions and positions of the teeth. It's almost always better to choose veneers because they leave the underlying tooth stronger. However, teeth that have already been weakened due to large fillings on the back and in between probably need crowns.  It's not unusual to use both in a smile makeover. 

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Veneers over crowns.

Easier to clean and will last longer. Better appearance near the gumline. More transluscency. Healthier due to lack of chopping the heck out of the tooth to make a crown.

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Conservative and beautiful defines a porcelain veneer!

Veneers are almost perfect for creating beauty and conserving natural tooth structure.  The smile can be completely transformed and still preserve the maximum tooth structure possible. Veneers are smart cosmetic procedures - but they are more technically demanding of your dentist.  A really good cosmetic dentist can manage all these difficulties while helping you save your tooth structure.

Crowns are also wonderful restorations - best used when more of the natural tooth is already lost to fillings, decay, or breakage.  The final cosmetic result should be the same for a veneer or a crown.

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Veneers = Instant gratification.....

For someone looking to change the appearance of their teeth in size, shape, position or color, veneers can been completed in just a couple of visits.  Braces take many months, whitening alone may not get you to where you want to be, and bonding does not last near as long as veneers.

So if you desire instant gratification.....veneers are the way to go!

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Advantages of veneers over crowns

The main advantage is simply less tooth can be removed in order to do a veneer.  If there is to much damage or decay in the tooth the fall back procedure can always be a crown, but the more conservative procedure will always be a better option.

Veneers are much more cosmetic than crowns.

Because of the way they are made the veneers will look more natural than a full crown. The crown can look bulky and doesnt reflect light the same way as a thin veneer..

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