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Is it imperative to have settings at highest throughout treatment time, machine at closest range without touching client to achieve the best results? I'm looking for a physician to disclose what readings the techs are monitoring for and what the numbers indicate. How does hydration affects the results. How many days afterward are you passing dead fat cells? Anything else can be done to assist with the process? i.e. vibration machine, liver cleanse regime?

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That is true, we always try to have the power setting at 190 or 200 (200 being the max.) as long is it is comfortable. We started eliminating the pad to minimize sweating. The patient needs to be well hydrated but most are naturally. So do not go to treatment after a workout where you may get dehydrated.
The fat cleansing probably takes at least 3-4 weeks and it does not raise your blood fatty acid or cholesterol levels. No adjunct treatment is necessary to optimize results. Just be patient and talk to your doctor.

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