Are There Different Types of Lipodissolve Treatments?

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Advanced Lipodissolve vs. Lipodissolve Ultra - what's...

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Advanced Lipodissolve vs. Lipodissolve Ultra - what's the difference?

LipoDissolve Ultra is a modified and more beneficial version of LipoDissolve. With LipoDissolve Ultra, ultrasound massage is performed to the treatment areas both before and after the LipoDissolve treatment itself. When ultrasound massage is applied to the treatment areas before LipoDissolve, it serves to make the tissue more receptive to the LipoDissolve treatment, so the injections go in more smoothly. When ultrasound massage is applied after the LipoDissolve treatment, it does four things.

1. It makes sure that the medicine is spread out in a nice, smooth, and even manner so the patient receives a smooth, even response. No one wants a lumpy, bumpy response or dimples at injection sites.
2. It diminishes post treatment discomfort.
3. It diminishes post treatment swelling.
4. Because the solution is smoothed out in a general manner, fewer injections are needed, resulting in a more comfortable treatment.

So, using ultrasound before and after makes a huge differences in both patient comfort and result. I know this because we had several patients who did regular LipoDissolve for their first two treatments and for their third and fourth treatments, we did LipoDissolve Ultra. To a person, they all said the results were more noticeable and the procedure was much more comfortable. LipoDissolve Ultra is the new gold standard in the administration of LipoDissolve.

As for the term Advanced LipoDissolve, that was a term used by another company, which meant only regular LipoDissolve, but they were trying to use a ‘catchy title’. That company was using the name without permission from the trademark holder and is no longer using that term.

As for the term Ultra LipoDissolve, there is one clinic that will do LipoDissolve and then use radiofrequency controlled and/or laser treatments to tighten the skin afterwards- there is no ultrasound use, at all. Hopefully this explains what these other two terms mean. If you are not getting LipoDissolve Ultra, I strongly believe that you are getting an inferior treatment.

Minneapolis Dermatologic Surgeon

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