Adult Pseudostrabismus Due to Negative Angle Kappa?

I am 22 years old and have pseudoesotropia in both eyes due to a negative angle kappa. My vision is fine but I appear cross-eyed (it seems to get worse when I'm tired). Is there any kind of treatment for this condition, such as eye muscle surgery to re-position my eyes?

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No surgery of angle kappa!

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Angle kappa refers to the angle between the visual axis (from the center of the retina to the visual target) and the pupillary axis (center of the pupil).  If this angle is large, there may be an appearance of strabismus (eye misalignment).  Positive angle kappa (pseudoexotropia) is much more common than negative (pseudoesotropia).

There is no surgical treatment for angle kappa, and in fact attempting surgery for this is contraindicated.

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