Adult Braces - Are Brackets Necessary?

I recently got braces and I also had to have a bracket put in that attaches to my two second last teeth and goes across the roof of my mouth. I don't mind the braces, barely notice them actually in comparison to the bracket, which makes it difficult to talk and eat and is very frustrating because I work in a professional atmosphere and often have to speak in front of 10 or more people at a time. Do you know if this bracket is really necessary or can I get away without using it and still have success with fixing my teeth? I don't know how much longer I can handle this.

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Expander with discomfort

Hi , yes, it does sound as if you ahve an expander in your palate. most adults do not LIKE that appliance at all! Un fortunately, it is very effective and thus why we still use it inspite of all the more comfortable ( and not as effective ) appliances that are out there. i would suggest you do your best to deal with it. normally it only stays in for 4-5 months.  good luck!



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Treating doctor best to answer

Honestly, some things can't be answered well via the internet. Most often treatment rendered is necessary and not performed for kicks and giggles. It sounds as if there is some arch expansion being done, in which case it is absolutely necessary.

Having said that, there are many tools out there. If there is an alternative, there is a reason it wasn't placed in the first place, as in less predictability or longer treatment times.

I would suggest contacting your doctor and find out.

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