How Do You Know when ADM Has Incorporated into the Body After Breast Revision Surgery?

I had a third revision surgery nearly 3 weeks ago. My doctor lined my lower breast with ADM. I am feeling a bit of bumpiness on that part of my breast. Is that the implant or the stitches or the ADM incorporating into my body? I have Mentor silicone HP 425 cc implants. I am 5'4", 115 lbs and breast fed for four years total. Could it be slight rippling?

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Alloderm is a cadavaric skin preparation that is used to help with adding support and coverage of implant reconstructions. It incorporates pretty quickly but can be palpable for a long time.

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Incorporation of ADM with breast implant surgery

Revascularization and incorporation of the ADM are two separate processes with the intial beginning within 4 days and the latter process taking several months. This process may take longer than ADM placed within a wound which has two sided contact with the ADM. The implant completely prevents incoporation from the side intimately in contact wtih the ADM

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Acellular dermal matrix in breast revision surgery

Acellular dermal matrix is sometimes used to help create an internal sling for the breast implant, or provide additional lining where the tissues are attenuated. It usually persists for longer than 3 weeks, and depending on the thickness and how it is used in the breast, may be palpable. You should ask your surgeon to examine you in order to determine what is palpable in your breast.

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ADM Incorporation

First of all, not all Acellular Dermal Matrices are created equal and you did not identify the product name.  Still longer than 3 weeks is required for revascularization of the ADM typically.

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