Is an Adjustable Saline Implant Necessecary with a Mastoplexy? (photo)

I have been on 2 consults for Mastoplexy with Breast Aug. Dr #1 suggests adjustable saline implants.The reasoning for adjustable fill was due to the fact that the mastoplexy alone needs time to heal w/o the strain of a full implant and less scarring.(final result of around 450cc-475cc). Dr. #2 suggests a mastoplexy with 500cc silicone implants placed above muscle. Can I still get good results from a lift and reg. saline implants behind muscle?I dont like the idea of having a port to be removed.

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Adjustable implants with mastopexy

Augment mastopexy is a very challenging operation.  It is a contradiction.  You are increasing the contents and tightening the skin envelope as you are raising the nipple. The first part of my procedure is to place the implant.  I prefer sub pectoral as I feel it offers a nicer slope in profile.  Then I sit you up during the procedure to adjust the nipple position and then tailor out the extra skin.  If the question is whether we can place the size you have chosen, I will place a saline sizer during the procedure to determine what fits the most comfortably with your thoughts in mind as far as ultimate size.  The choice of saline vs silicone is an issue of what is covering the implant.  The more breast tissue you have, the more you camouflage what is under it.  That said if you have a reasonable amount of breast tissue, you may be fine with a saline implant.  If minimal breast tissue the gel would be preferable.  Also, under the muscle helps to minimize the appearance of rippling.

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No, an adjustable saline implant is not necessary.

Thank you for your question and the photo.

A breast lift with gel implants is likely your best option. No, an adjustable saline implant is not necessary.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery. I hope this helps.

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Adjustable Implants with Mastopexy?

Excellent question, you will find everyone is going to have multiple different solutions for your problem, you have only provided one picture so commenting is hard, but both are not bad plans. I would  suggest silicone implants below the muscle possibly without an implant , if you are willing to go large, 500cc + with the proper profile implant you may be able to avoid a lift and the scarring/cost associated with it. I would not recommend saline implants above the muscle with your type of breast tissue, to much rippling will occur in a few months. Good luck and I would suggest continuing with more consults until you feel comfortable. Good luck. 

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