What is This? Adhesion? Can It Go Away on It's Own? (photo)

I had implants under muscle almost two years ago. Was probl a big b to small A. HAd many problems mostly in left breast. CC developed and had it fixed and it developed again. . Took implants out two weeks ago by a doctor highly regarded in this type of surgery. Capsules were removed. I was told I would look about as I did before, by many doctors, and seen so many pics like that where that is the case. NOT ME. what is this? adhesion? can it go away on it's own? in time?

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Capsulectomy for capsule contracture with early breast deformity

At two weeks post-op you are very early to see final results.  Your breasts will change significantly with time.  I believe that what you are seeing right now is the result of uncontrolled collapse of the breast tissue into the space vacated by the implants.  It is far too early to see a true adhesion, as that implies a stable mature scar.  Rather, you are seeing the effects of swelling, induration, and contraction of tissues.  It is during this time of collagen formation and scar maturation that we can manipulate the healing of tissues most.  I suggest that you begin a regimen of gentle, but firm massage a couple of times a day to help edema resolve and to direct the formation of the internal scar tissue so that the breasts settle naturally with gravity.  This process may take 3 or 4 months to complete itself.  If you still have fixed deformities at that time, I would give consideration to fat grafting to camouflage and fill in deficits, but it is still very early to really discuss this,  Patience is a virtue at this stage of the game.  Good luck.

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Capsules post aug

Since you are only 2 weeks out I would massage and leave them alone for a while before you consider your next step.Time is a great healer.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Breast Deformity


Your formity looks like the muscle is stuck to the breast tissue. Was the muscle reattached to the rib chest  wall?? You need a full examination to determine the reason of the deformity.

It is possible that the muscle is stuck to the breast tissue, and that causes the deformity

Samir Shureih, MD
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It was told you to look as before your first surgery / se te dijo que se veria como antes de tu primera cirugia

i think it is the  natural early evolution after implants remotion besides capsules, any serious adhesion, the 5th generation technique avoids vertical scars, prevents breast CA and it is always located before  your pectoralis muscles  under pectoral fascia (subfascially), please  take a look  to  medical article and video

pienso que es la normal  evolucion reciente de las mamas  despues de  remover los implantes y la capsula, no exsiste adherencia  seria alguna, por favor  echele un vistazo al articulo  mastopexia de aumento 5a generacion en el google y tambien el video, preciene cicatrices y el cancere mamario y se utiliza siempre  subfascialmente a los musculos

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