Fat Transfer - can it change my tuberous shape? (Photo)

I am planned to have fat transfer to my breasts in June 14. My Dr said that only 150ml can be transfered to each breast. I have been using Noogleberry for pre-expansion of breasts and am hoping that this will increase the fat survival. 46 yrs old 150lbs 5'5 1.Do you think from looking at my pics that 150cc is too conservative? 2. can fat transfer make my breasts more round? Thank you

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Fat Transfer - can it change my tuberous shape?

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If you are comfortable with about a one cup size increase, fat transfer would be reasonable. If you want 2 or more cups, breast augmentation with implants would be better.   I usually transfer 200 cc or more per breast.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Fat transfer

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First of all, some good news - you don't actually have a tuberous breast shape.  You're quite normal, with just a little bit of droop.  That makes your situation much easier to improve.

Either an implant or fat transfer could help your shape.  150 cc per side is quite reasonable for a fat transfer, but expect only about 2/3rd of that to last long-term.  So, it may only end up giving you about a one-half cup size change.

If you want more size change, or want more roundness in the upper pole of the breast, an implant might be an easier choice.

Best to see a board-certified plastic surgeon to have a good discussion about these two options.

All the best,

Fat transfer to breasts

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An estimate of about 150 cc's of fat is realistic. Normally women gain 1/2 - 1 cup of tissue with each fat transfer.  Should you want fuller breasts, you may consider breast implants or a second transfer at least 3 months later.  Only so much fat can be transferred at one time into each breast.  If too much fat is transferred, it dies and leaves you with hard lumps.  Fat transfer will increase the size of your breasts and make them fuller, but not especially round.  The round look is best obtained with breast implants.  I recommend discussing your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting to the breast

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I think there are a couple of issues to discuss with you.

Firstly, I am not sure that you have tuberous breasts.  Your photos don't suggest that you do but that may because of the angle of the picture or the effect of the Noogleberry.

Secondly, fat grafting to the breast remains a controversial topic.  In Australia, fat grafting to the breast isn't commonly performed unless you have had a breast reconstruction because of two main reasons:  

1.  Changes to the breast such as calcifications or oil cysts following treatment may cause concerns on clinical or radiological examinations - sometimes patients even need biopsies to exclude cancer.  

2.  There is concern that the stem cells or other cells in transferred fat could potentially induce breast cancer.

For these reasons, your surgeon may not be indemnified by their medical insurer if they perform cosmetic fat grafting.  

Thirdly, when fat grafting is performed there is no magic number for how much fat can be transferred.  It depends on the amount of available fat and the amount of space (tissue) available to insert the graft into.  This varies greatly.

If you have any questions I suggest you see your surgeon again to discuss your concerns with them.  

Kind regards,


Fat transfer to breasts

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Hi there. Fat transfer may well help your breast shape but of course it depends how much of the fat survives. In many cases more than one procedure is required. A word of caution: fat transfer as a method of augmentation is controversial in Australia. The safety profile of this procedure has not been established and in most cases doctors' indemnity insurance does NOT cover this procedure. The reasons fat transfer to the breast is controversial are twofold, 1: the calcification which may be produced can make mammogram interpretation more difficult, and 2: there is a theoretical risk that stem cells in fat transfer may promote breast cancer.

Richard Rahdon, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Transfer - can it change my tuberous shape?

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Thanks for the question.First of all, you don't have Tuberous breast.Yes Fat transfer done well can give you great shape to your breast.The only limiting factor in my mind is your limit of 150 cc of fat.I personally would inject more since at its best only 60 % of injected fat can survive in the long term.
I wish you good luck

Breast fat grafting for augmentation

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The established expansion device for breast fat grafting is the BRAVA. Pre-expansion must be done under a rigorous protocol in order to be helpful. 150 cc of fat injection per breast is conservative and below the published volumes use for total breast augmentation with fat transfer. You may need a second procedure to get a major enhancement of your breasts.

Timothy Connall, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

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