Rhinoplasty and a common cold?

I'm due for my rhinoplasty tomorrow morning and I'm scared I might be getting a cold. My throat is a little raw but I don't have a fever or any other symptoms. I felt like one was coming last night. I have woken with a blocked right nostril for three mornings but today that has resolved. Will I be ok to still have the surgery? Is there anything I can take or eat to help? I can't change the date of surgery because I need to go back to work on the 8th December

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Cold and surgery

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In general undergoing a surgery and having a cold is not ideal as you body will be under greater stress and you will need you immune system at its best.  It is even more of an issue when you are about to have a rhinoplasty as the work will be done in the nose.  First I would call your doctor ASAP as he is ultimately the one that needs to make that decision but if your cold is significant I would reschedule your surgery to when you are feeling 100%.  This is elective surgery so there is no reason to risk it

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