Loose Vagina Skin, Is it normal? (photos)

Hi, I just wanted to find out if it was normal for me to have all this extra skin or is there something wrong with my Vagina on the outside.

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Loose skin

Thank you for your question.  I completely understand your concerns.  From the appearance on your photos, your anatomy is normal.  If you do not like the look or feel of the excess skin, then  you are a prime candidate for labiaplasty.  The best thing to do is to utilize a resource such as this one to find a Board-Certified Gynecologist who specializes in this type of surgery.   Make sure to get multiple opinions before deciding on a surgeon/procedure.  Hope this helps!


Loose Vaginal Skin

Candidates of Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty surgery are women who desire a more youthful appearance and function of the vulva and vaginal area.  For some women, the effects of childbirth, aging, trauma, and/or genetics, causes their vaginal tissue and muscles to become stretched, which results in loss of strength and tone in the vaginal area. This may result in decreased intimacy and sexual satisfaction. In some cases, the laxity of tissues can be visible. 

The lining of the vagina can be reduced, removing excess and redundant mucosa decreasing the diameter of the canal. The muscle ring, pubococcygeus, at the entrance or introitus can be tightened.  These procedures along with exercises such as Kegles can help keep the muscle tone in this area. Aesthetic Vaginoplasty, in many cases, can increase friction during intercourse, giving women more control of vaginal muscles, increasing sexual satisfaction, while also creating a more attractive and appealing appearance to the vaginal area.

It would be best to address all of your questions during consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in order to determine whether your loose skin can be improved with the vaginoplasty or if another procedure would be more helpful for your desired results.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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What is this loose skin and what can I do about it?

From your photos it appears that you have enlargement of your labia minora and the skin over and adajacent to your clitoris.  Your anatomy appears perfectly normal and nothing needs to be done.  Some women are troubled by the appearance of this area.  Some women don't like the way they look in bathing suits.  Some women don't like the extra skin because it becomes irritated with clothing and with sexual activity.  These are the common reasons women seek cosmetic surgery of their external genitalia.  A good rule of thumb is don't have surgery if you can avoid it.  But their are options for surgical improvement should you desire.  See a specialist.  And don't hesitate to get a few opinions.  

Michael Litrel, MD, FPMRS, FACOG
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Laser Reduction Labioplasty (reduction of labia minora)

Thank you for your time. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty is a group of cosmetic laser procedures which repairs, enhances, and beautifies the genitalia. The most common DLV procedures are the Laser Reduction Labioplasty (reduction of labia minora), Laser Perineoplasty to rebuild an aging or damaged perineum, augmentation of labia majora, and Laser Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen).

Fees for Laser Reduction Labioplasty depend on the extent of the procedure. I recommend firstly a consultation in order for you to receive detailed information plus a personalized procedure quote


David Matlock, MD, MBA, FACOG

David Matlock, MD, MBA, FACOG
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Your labia minora and clitoral hood are very enlarged. A labiaplasty with a clitoral hood reduction can reduce your size.  However, it must be performed by a surgeon with experience. One of the two most common labiaplasty techniques is the central wedge technique, which I invented in 1995 and published in the plastic surgery textbooks. It is also known as the "V" or wedge technique. Gynecologists and most plastic surgeons perform a labioplasty very differently. They essentially trim the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) and leave a long suture line instead of the normal labial edge. Their technique is the same whether a scalpel or a laser is used. In contrast, the central wedge removes triangles of tissue and bring the normal edges together. Thus, the normal labial edges, normal color, and normal anatomy are preserved, but the darkest labial tissue is usually removed. If you have extra tissue on your clitoral hood, it can be reduced at the same time. Your clitoral hood is thick, wide, and protuberant.  It can be decreased somewhat by reducing the sides.  I pioneered a clitoropexy with clitoral hood reduction in which the clitoris is pushed closer to the pubic bone and the width, thickness, length, and protuberance of the clitoral hood can be decreased. I have done it over 250 times with excellent results.  No matter the technique, an inexperienced or unskilled surgeon can lead to a high rate of complications, chronic scar discomfort, labial deformities, and further surgery.

Gary J. Alter, M.D.
Beverly Hills, CA - Manhattan, NY

Gary J. Alter, MD
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Normal but...

Thank you for sharing.  Although your anatomy is considered normal.  If the aesthetic aspect or comfort aspect bother you then you are a great candidate for a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction.

Your anatomy is slightly more complex then the average labiaplasty/CHR and therefore seeking an expert in cosmetic gynecology would assure you the best possible results.

David Ghozland, MD
Santa Monica OB/GYN
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Very large labia and hood

Hello Steph,

What you have is Labial Hypertrophy and a large, ptotic Clitoral Hood. It is normal, but many women choose to have it cosmetically corrected. Your anatomy is complex and requires the expertise of an experienced cosmetic vaginal surgeon. Please be sure to do your research well by reviewing surgeon's photo gallery and reviews.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Loose skin

Thanks for sharing your photos and question.  First of all there is nothing wrong with you. What you have is excess or protruding labia minora, lateral prepuce and possibly enlarged labia majora.  This does not mean there is anything wrong with you.   Surgery for the areas are only needed when the patient feels that she is having problems i.e. discomfort or irritation or she doesn't like the way it looks.   This is a personal decision  Please allow me to take this time to suggest that if you ever decide on cosmetic vaginal surgery, you choose a surgeon with experience, expertise, a great reputation and one who achieves results.  Someone who is well versed in not only the labia minora but the clitoral hood i.e. prepuce and the majora.  Often patients choose inferior and unqualified surgeons and they end un being butchered for life.

John R Miklos MD

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John R. Miklos, MD, FPMRS, FACS
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