2 weeks post-op threadlift procedure. Normal to feel pulling and sharp pains in my temple area?

When I had the threadlift procedue, I had to get 3 stitches in my right temple area. I had the stitches taken out a week ago now, but now I have a real pulling sensation with sharp pains shooting through my temple area every time I eat or open my mouth. I can only open my mouth a small way too. It is constantly throbbing aswell. Is this normal? I have an appointment to see the doctor in a weeks time anyway.

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Threads can be uncomfortable at first - but still see a Doctor ASAP

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Thanks for your question.

Threads can be uncomfortable at first, although in your case - I would see your doctor as soon as possible for a review.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Murray from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine

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