5 months Post Op, has the surgeon made a mistake? (Photos)

5 Months ago I went to a surgeon overseas to remove my pollybeak, create a defined slope and reduce my nostrils. After the operation he said he didn't reduce my nostrils and as it's healed he's evaded my questions and is now unreachable. I am very worried about getting taken advantage of again I feel like he did a rush botched job and I haven't received anything similar to the result I wanted, would there be any options aside from open revision? any advice would be appreciated

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Issues post surgery

It is unclear from the photos what your main concerns are - are these pre and post op photos ?

If the second is a post op photo it looks like your nose tip has dropped a little due to having a closed rhinoplasty

Depending exactly on what you want to achieve an open rhinoplasty is likely to give the best result

Its too early

Its too early for seen final results after a Rhynoplasty. Real results are seen up to 12 months after. Based on you pics, they dont show  much difference yet. 

I would say have some more pacience, I think you should be much better on a few more months.


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