What else Needs to Be Addressed for Third Revision Rhinoplasty?

Going to have my 3rd surgery soon. The worst angle is the one looking down at my nose (if you were taller). Not sure if there's bump on the left-side of the bridge or dent on the left side.

PS said he will take a-small piece of cartilage, place it in dent to make it-match the other side. He will also refine and make my tip smaller. The surgeon is from the Otolaryngology Division of Facial Plastic Surgery at NY Eye and Ear Infirmary and has his own office. He suggests a small graft put in for the dent, and reducing the tip slightly.

Please I would love to hear whatcha think of the pics. What needs to be addressed?

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Be careful on third revision rhinoplasty

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Pictures show things that may not be seen in person due to shadowing and lighting.  I do see a depression on the right side but in many other ways, your nose looks pretty good.  

Be careful going back in for a 3rd procedure.  

New York Plastic Surgeon
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3rd Nasal Revision

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In the pictures of the front of the nose,there appears to be asymmetry of the nasal bones. There is retraction of the nostril margin. Having said that, it sounds like you need more than an evaluation of your pictures; you need an examination of your nose. Get another opinion; you are questioning the proposed surgery. It appears your surgeon is very well qualified, but physician selection is the most important decision you will make.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You should consider a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty instead of a third Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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The small indentation in the right lower bridge could easily be filled with an Injectable Filler. You could also have the height of your nostrils lowered, and correct some of your nostril asymmetry.

Revision Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures I offer, and I feel this should be left as a last resort.

I routinely use Silikon-1000 in the nose to improve nasal asymmetries. Results are permanent.

I've attached a link to my Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty photos for your perusal.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty revision advice

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Sounds like good advice to me. Alar rim grafts are usually able to augment defects at least 2-3 mm.  The right nasal bone needs to be either rasped or have some osteotomies done to medialize it just a bit more. The left supra tip could also be de-bulked slightly. 

Lee Robinson, MD - RETIRED
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

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