How to Address Upper Abdominal Area After Lower Body Lift?

I had a lowerbody lift done last year and since then have been unhappy with my abd results. See picture included. I am wondering if having a tummy tuck revision will help with this or not. I feel like a football player wearing pads - no hips narrow waist then balloning up to the chest area. I haven't seen photo's of results like mine so am not sure having surgery is the answer. However I do know that exercise isn't helping. sigh..

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Upper body lift

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While you had a lower body lift, you can contemplate an upper body lift which would improve the appearance of the upper back rolls.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Dosappointed with lower body lift

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First of all, a lower body lift only acts below your waistline. You look to have a barrel shaped body and this limits what can be done for you. You do have upper abdominal bulging in the midline which is either extra fat, muscle laxity, or both. If you had a tummy tuck with the LBL, this would hopefully have been addressed at that time. Now, all you can do is a full TT to address the area. You will always be able to pinch lateral skin as you are doing.

Reverse tummy tuck and liposuction for upper fullness.

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Hard to tell without actually examining you, but a reverse tummy tuck with scars under the breasts along with liposuction of the back and upper abdomen may help you.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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It's virtually impossible to make recommendations regarding revisional surgery without a physical examination. Furthermore, your picture is helpful, but it's only one view.

Despite this, it's possible to form several impressions. It's important to note that you have a barrel shaped trunk which imposes limitations on the contour of your waistline. In addition, there appears to be residual weakness of the upper abdominal muscles, residual upper abdominal fat and excess skin and fat extending as a roll posteriorly towards the back.

Under these circumstances, a variety of surgical options are available. These might include additional tightening of the upper abdominal muscles, liposuction of the upper abdomen and an upper body lift. The procedure chosen will depend upon the specific findings noted during your physical examination.

If you're considering revisional surgery, it's important to consult your original surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan to address these issues. If you're unhappy with his response, it's not unreasonable to obtain a second opinion.

Upper Abdominal Bulge After Body Lift

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Upper abdominal bulging is the result of two main reasons. First, excess fat is often not liposuctioned at the time of a body lift due to the risk of blood supply. Therefore, removal of the fat via liposuction can improve the situation.

However, usually the main reason for epigastric bulging is excess intraabdominal fat. This is the fat that is wraped around the bowels, the omentum and the preperitoneum. The only way to remove this fat is via loss of weight.

Have your surgeon evaluate your abdomen to determine which is the issue.

You most likely need a combination of procedures

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When I perform a Lower Body Lift, I always include an abdominoplasty, as it sounds like you have had done. It appears to me as though you either still have excess fat of the mid upper abdomen or possible need additional muscle tightening. So, the answer, in my opinion would involve either liposuction or a re-do of your abdominoplasty for the purpose of muscle tightening or a combination of both. Liposuction of the bra strap roll can easily be performed at the same time.

I would not recommend a reverse tummy tuck, as it appears that the skin of your upper abdomen is already tight.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Results for lower body lift

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Are you grabbing the area that bothers you? If so, this is not your abdomen. Are you unhappy with your upper or lower abdomen or both? Are you unhappy with your hips or lower or upper back? Are you unhappy with your bony skeleton and what your hips and rib cage contributes to your overall body shape? Do you have preoperative photographs to compare/contrast your results?

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Treating Upper abdominal area after Lower Body Lift

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A Lower Body Lift does JUST that - it lifts the lower body. It cannot and does not address other issues that one may have. Although it is hard to give you a full recommendation, it APPEARS you have a fair amount of fat in the upper abdomen / trunk as well as along the side aspect of the breast(s?).

These areas could be improved with liposuction which would bring down the "padded" look you are unhappy about and give more symmetry with the bottom. If it bothers you, you may wish considering transferring such fat as may be needed to the buttocks to get a full look there while narrowing the appearance of the upper abdomen.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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