Will replacement of the breast implant occur simultaneously?

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy — appears to be leakage. When they remove the silicone implant, will they be able to put in a new implant? Would there be any reason why replacement wouldn't happen in the same procedure?

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The usual sequence would be to replace the implant at the same time.  Factors that would limit this plan would be infection found at the time of surgery of tissue that was concerning enough to be sent for further emanation.  Discuss with your surgeon your concern so you can feel comfortable.

Implant replacement after reconstruction

Very commonly when an implant ruptures, a new implant can be placed to replace the old one.  Sometimes if this is delayed, a capsular release is required.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Replacement options for implant problem after mastectomy

In most circumstances a new implant would be placed when the old one is removed. However, each situation can be different. If the scar capsule needs to be removed along with the implant, then use of an acellular dermal matrix such as Alloderm can be helpful.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Breast implant leak

There are several reasons that a breast implant can leak or fail. Acomplete history, physical examination and work up is helpfull. Then all modalitied of breast reconstruction should be discussed with you.

Implants can be inserted immediatelt provided no infection.

Your own tissue transfer Flaps can be used. It is your choice

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Revision of breast reconstruction

This may be a more complicated issue than you realize, maybe not.  For example, just why did the current implant fail?  Capsular contracture? Time? etc.  Please see an experienced plastic surgeon who can offer all modes of reconstruction including using your own tissue for advice.  Maybe just replacing the implant is all that is needed, maybe more.

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